About Studios


The artist currently maintains a beautiful studio in San Antonio, Texas. He works in other institutional studios in the city as well. In the past years during his career, many short-term studios in different states had also been established. The artist loves outdoors and on-location painting activities; therefore, he considers the natural environment as his favorite studio besides his main studio in San Antonio, Texas.

The artist developed a passion for art at a very young age. In fact, he has been creating art works in various media since he was six years old. And over the last 35 years, he has used art as a creative outlet and escape from the professional work he does in the scientific and managerial industries (he has a doctoral degree in Chemistry and a masters degree in Business Management). However, it wasn’t until about 17 years ago that he decided to fully commit himself towards becoming a professional artist and to start devoting more time to seriously polishing his artistic skills.

During this period of time, his jobs took me to live and work in many Midwest and Southern states. The artist was greatly inspired by the natural beauty, varied climates, stunning landscapes, and, of course, the people and culture of all the places he passed through. These sights and experiences have imprinted themselves upon his mind and have helped shape his identity as an artist. The beauty of nature and the essence of humanity are themes that he often strives to capture in his work.

In addition to his business trips, he also travels frequently for personal pleasure. Visiting fine arts and contemporary arts museums all over the world is his personal passion, and it is always a major element of his trips. During these museum visits, not only the works of the masters, but the atmosphere and energy of the museums themselves often inspire him.

The artist usually works concurrently on several bodies of work of different subjects, but he prefers to use only one medium at a time. The media for his works can be generally separated into five types: oil, acrylic, pastel, graphite, and watercolor. Figurative, portraiture, still life, and landscape are the major genres of his works.

In his figurative and portraiture work, the artist devoted a great deal of time to capturing the characteristics of flesh tones under different light treatments and the body contours of models of different ages and genders.

THis still-life works are typically created from a studio setting with the objects arranged under various lights to achieve specific effects. He uses composition, color values, and color temperature as tools for enhancing the beauty of the objects and the relationships among them.

The artist is an enthusiastic lover of plein air landscape painting. In his landscape works, he does not seek to produce direct reflections of what he sees. Instead, he seeks to capture the sensation and emotion that one experiences when interacting with nature. He feels amazingly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and paint in so many states with beautiful landscapes.